Established in 1915, the Michigan Realtors® is an integrated advocacy and communications force for the real estate professionals of our State. We are the recognized public policy and legal advocate for private property rights, as well as the acknowledged leading resource for professional development, knowledge exchange, and wide-ranging business services.

Our over 29,000 members understand clearly that the most successful Realtors® in Michigan value the benefits of membership in our association. We welcome your connection to us.

Michigan Realtors® annual REALTOR® of the Year award is the highest honor bestowed upon a Michigan REALTOR®. It stands for integrity, individual achievement and perhaps the greatest compliment: recognition from peers in the real estate industry.

President Jason Copeman hopes every local association submits a nomination this year. Awards will be presented at 2017 The Convention, held September 27 – September 29 at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel & DeVos Place, Grand Rapids.

The recipient is selected from individuals nominated by a local association/board who:

•     Advocate and expand the interest of fellow REALTORS®, their profession, and the real estate community at large;

•     Demonstrate the outstanding work by REALTORS® to the general public;

•     Fit a leadership position among peers and foster a spirit of camaraderie between locals, the state and national REALTORS®.

 Selection Committee: T.B.D.


1.   Each Local Association may submit only ONE nomination. Nomination forms, along with a high quality professional photo, must be submitted electronically through this application.

2.   Nominees must have active Realtor® status for the current calendar year for which they are nominated and must hold primary membership with the nominating local board/association.

3.   Only nominations received by August 18, 2017 shall be considered eligible nominees for the year.

4.   All nominees will be honored at 2017 The Convention. Each nominee will be contacted prior to The Convention with event information.

5.   The committee shall consider a nominee's activities based on the most current year as determined by the local's recognition date. However, if the Selection Committee determines that several nominees are equally qualified, prior years efforts, affiliations, and rewards may be considered. 

6.   Members serving as current Michigan Realtors® officers are not eligible to be nominated.

Only applications for Realtor® of the Year submitted on this form and properly completed will be considered. 

The Michigan Realtors® REALTOR® Active in Politics (RAP) is a program designed to encourage, educate, identify, recruit and recognize Realtor® contributions of time, investment, and effort at all levels within the governmental/political arena.

All nominations must be received by 5 pm on Friday, August 18, 2017  to be considered eligible for the year. 

All nominees will be honored at Michigan Realtors®  The Convention during the RPAC Luncheon. A letter notifying the recipient will be mailed by Michigan Realtors® prior to 2017 The Convention. 


  • Increase Michigan Realtor® effectiveness in monitoring and influencing the outcome of local, state and federal issues which impact Realtors®, the real estate industry and the preservation of private property rights.
  • Increase Michigan Realtor® effectiveness in the recruitment, selection and election of candidates for public office who share a basic philosophy supportive of the Realtor® viewpoint on issues affecting Realtors® the real estate industry and the rights of all private property owners.
  • Increase Michigan Realtor® effectiveness through their work within the local, county, district and state political parties.
  • Increase RPAC fundraising efforts through educating the membership on issues and candidates and how they affect your profession, and how and why individual Realtor® contributions of time or dollars make the Realtor® profession significantly stronger.
  • Visible recognition and member awareness for Realtors® serving their profession and their association through political involvement.
  • Participation of Michigan Realtor® members.
Suggested Recipient:
  • Members of governmental affairs, political involvement, RPAC and Public Policy committees.
  • Members who serve the community as appointed or elected officials within their local community.
  • Members serving the local association by monitoring local governmental units.
  • Members serving on the Michigan Realtors® Public Policy or RPAC Trustee committees or on various task forces.
  • Members serving their local association on a board or committees.
  • Members serving as Federal Political Coordinators (FPC) to members of Congress.
  • Members who have worked closely with their political party of choice, candidate campaigns or local/state ballot issue campaigns.
  • Members who make significant financial investments in RPAC.
  • Members who make a contribution in any political arena your association deems worthy of acknowledgment.
  • Employees of Michigan Realtors® and affiliated local associations are not eligible for the Realtor® Active in Politics Awards.